Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Overengineering Patterns

"Some development shops are moving away from a classic business domain model. Frankly, for some applications (like those to baby-sit big relational databases), I'd have to agree with their direction. When you are doing nothing but viewing and entering relational data, a full object-orentied model is overkill ." - Better, Faster, Lighter Java
Although I don't completely agree with the thesis of the book ("J2EE is over-designed, too complex, error-prone, we have to move to a simpler design"), I think the point is that we need a simpler model to implement data-aware application, J2EE or not. It's not wise to be forced to model Java POJOs, DTOs and zillions of other artifacts that mimic our db, just to give the user a data-aware grid. What happens is that - when we have to add a field to the database of a Java data-aware application, we need to change lots of classes, several TONs of XML descriptors, try to compile and debug many lines of code that do nothing but moving data back and forth from several data containers. That's really overkill.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

RAD vs Strong Typed

This post on ZioBrando's Lair (Type Checking and Code Smells) attracted me: the debate on (Strong) Type Checking is somewhat related to RAD development. Give a look at this Bruce Eckel's Mindview post.

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